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Pixel Fold replacement parts and iFixit repair guides now available

Pixel Fold replacement parts and iFixit repair guides now available


The Google partnership expands with a kit to replace the Pixel Fold’s inner screen and batteries available for $900, among other parts.

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iFixit’s outer screen replacement kit for the Google Pixel Fold.
You can purchase Pixel Fold parts separately or bundled with iFixit’s repair tools.
Image: iFixit

The prospect of having to repair your own Pixel Fold just became a lot less daunting thanks to Google’s continuing partnership with device repair specialists iFixit. As spotted by 9to5Google, iFixit’s website now provides multiple repair guides that instruct Pixel Fold owners on how to replace their broken phone components, in addition to stocking the genuine Pixel Fold parts needed to complete the job.

Among the parts available is a kit to replace the Pixel Fold’s flexible inner screen. It costs $899.99 (or $909.99 when bundled with iFixit’s Fix Kit toolset) and includes the inner OLED display, a flexible glass panel, batteries, display bezels, side buttons, and fingerprint scanner. You can also buy some of these components separately, with the Pixel Fold’s “Flip” and “Base” batteries both available for $49.99. A replacement front camera can be purchased for $42.99, and the Fold’s OLED outer display is $159.99.

A screenshot taken from the iFixit website of the Pixel Fold parts and repair guides.
There are currently 20 repair guides available for the Pixel Fold, alongside a wide range of the phone’s internal components.
Image: iFixit

The right-to-repair champions at iFixit also provide guides and spare components for various other Pixel gadgets — including the Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6A, Pixel 7A, and the Pixel Tablet. The Pixel Fold appears to be the first foldable smartphone that iFixit supports so thoroughly.