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Nintendo now supports passwordless sign-ins

Nintendo now supports passwordless sign-ins


Now you can use passkeys to sign in to your Nintendo account.

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The Nintendo logo sits inside a black, red, and cream-colored design.
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Nintendo has added support for passkeys, a passwordless sign-in method that uses your fingerprint, face scan, or other methods to give you access to your online accounts. As spotted earlier by NintendoSoup (via 9to5Mac), Nintendo now lets you register and use a passkey to sign in to your account from a variety of different devices.

To add a passkey to your account, head to from the device you want to use the passkey. Once you sign in to your Nintendo account, hit Sign-in and security settings > Passkeys > Edit. Then, select Register a new passkey and follow the steps to complete the setup process on the device you’re using.

Right now, Nintendo only supports passkeys on devices with iOS 16 or later, iPadOS 16 or later, macOS 13 or later, and Android 9 or later. It will also let you register 10 different passkeys to your Nintendo account. You can learn more about the use of passkeys from Nintendo’s support page.

The company joins the growing number of online services offering support for passkeys as a more secure alternative to passwords. This year alone, TikTok, Apple, PayPal, and 1Password have all rolled out support for passkeys. Google even brought the passwordless sign-in method to Chrome, Cloud, and Workspace accounts, while GitHub just introduced the method today.