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Netflix Drop 01: all the news and trailers from Netflix’s animation event

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Netflix held a livestreamed event focused entirely on its lineup of animation. Called Drop 01, it was somewhat smaller in scale compared to other Netflix events, like Tudum or Geeked Week. The streamer initially promised new looks at upcoming projects like Scott Pilgrim Takes Off and Sonic Prime as well as the first three episodes of Castlevania: Nocturne ahead of its premiere on September 28th, but we also got news about upcoming series based on Devil May Cry and Tomb Raider.

If you missed the event live, check out all the news and trailers right here.

  • Seven minutes of Castlevania: Nocturne.

    If you weren’t able to watch Netflix’s animation event live — which featured the premiere of the first three episodes of Castlevania: Nocturne — you can still get an early glimpse at the beginning of the debut episode in the clip below. Of course, it won’t be long before you can just watch the whole thing: Nocturne starts streaming on September 28th.

  • Geeked Week is coming back.

    We don’t have any details yet, but Netflix has confirmed that its week-long, announcement-filled event will return in 2023. Geeked Week is typically filled with reveals spanning film, TV, and gaming, so you’ll likely want to tune in when it does happen.

    The logo for Netflix Geeked Week 2023.
    Image: Netflix
  • By the power of Grayskull.

    The Kevin Smith-led Masters of the Universe reboot is coming back next year, and to celebrate, here’s a clip of He-Man fighting Scare Glow.

  • Here’s your first look at Netflix’s Tomb Raider animated series

    Netflix’s latest video game adaptation has its first trailer. At its Drop 01 animation event, the company revealed the first look at Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft, an upcoming animated series starring the iconic archaeologist. It doesn’t show much, but it definitely feels like the series will be adopting the grittier tone of the most recent games.

    Netflix first announced that it was partnering with Legendary on a Tomb Raider series in 2021; it announced the Skull Island show at the same time, which started streaming earlier this year. The Legend of Lara Croft doesn’t have a specific date yet, but Netflix says it will premiere sometime in 2024.

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  • “Do you know this one girl with hair like this?”

    In the latest clip for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, we get a glimpse at some of the changes made in the animated version. Most notable: Ramona Flowers now delivers DVDs for Netflix. The show starts streaming on November 17th.

  • Samurai showdown.

    The latest addition to Netflix’s original anime lineup, Blue Eye Samurai tells the story of “Mizu, a mixed-race master of the sword who lives a life in disguise seeking the deliverance of revenge.” The series starts streaming on November 3rd.

  • A far cry from Far Cry.

    Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix — an adaptation of the Far Cry spinoff Blood Dragon — starts streaming on October 19th, and you can get a taste of its cyberpunk world in this new trailer.

  • It’s Sonic time.

    Here’s a quick look at the upcoming third chapter of Sonic Prime, which features a very serious Tails and a promise that it is “coming soon.”

  • Netflix is making a Devil May Cry anime

    Dante is coming back — in animated form. At its Drop 01 animation event, Netflix announced that it is teaming up with Capcom for a new animated series based on the action series Devil May Cry. Adi Shankar — who previously worked on Netflix’s adaptation of Castlevania — will serve as showrunner, while Studio Mir will be handling the animation. There’s no premiere date yet, but Netflix lists the show as “coming soon.” You can get a very brief taste in the teaser trailer above.

    Not much else is known about the series, but in a statement, Shankar said, “I’m honored that Netflix and Capcom have entrusted me to shepherd the Devil May Cry franchise. [Writer] Alex Larsen and I love these characters, we are part of the fandom, and vow to surpass the exceptionally high bar we set for ourselves.”

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  • Netflix is about to... drop some news.

    The streamer is kicking off an animation-focused event at 12PM ET, which will include fresh looks at Castlevania: Nocturne and Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, among others. You can watch it in the video below or stay tuned right here for all the latest.

  • Netflix is kicking off Castlevania: Nocturne with a showcase of its other animated series

    With the debut of Netflix’s Castlevania: Nocturne spinoff series quickly approaching, it comes as little surprise that the streamer would want people making time to check out the original show. But rather than simply encouraging viewers to get all caught up on the Belmont clan’s adventures ahead of the new Castlevania show’s premiere, Netflix is gearing up for a massive showcase of all its animated offerings — one that’s probably meant to convince subscribers to stick around after Nocturne drops later this September.

    Today, Netflix announced its plan to drum up even more excitement for Castlevania: Nocturne with its first Drop 01 virtual event — a digital showcase featuring advanced previews of the new show’s first three episodes, as well as “reveals” from other series like Scott Pilgrim Takes OffMasters of the Universe: Revolution, and Blue Eye Samurai.

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