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Meta’s Quest 3 wireless charging dock juices up your headset and controllers

Meta’s Quest 3 wireless charging dock juices up your headset and controllers


The Meta Quest 3 Charging Dock costs $129.99 and lets you power up your controllers and headset from a single hub.

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An image showing the Quest 3 headset on a charging dock
Image: Meta

Meta is releasing a charging dock for its new Quest 3 headset. For $129.99, the all-in-one charging station allows you to neatly mount and charge the Quest 3 headset and controllers when you’re not immersed in virtual reality.

This charging station is the first of its kind for Meta. While the company offers a charging dock for the Quest Pro, it is wired and doesn’t neatly prop both controllers up like the new dock. This new station is more similar to the two-in-one station Anker made for the Quest 2. It lets you charge the headset using the contact pads on the bottom of the Quest 3.


Image: Meta

The controllers are a little trickier, as they likely continue to use AA batteries for power. But this time, the charging dock includes rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for the Quest 3’s controllers, letting you replace those AAs that come with the controllers out of the box. Without the dock, you’ll have to charge the Quest 3 headset via the included 18W power adapter and cord and also continuously change out the batteries on the controllers.

Additionally, the charging station is compatible with some of the other accessories Meta is launching today, including the $69.99 Quest 3 Elite Strap that gives you more methods for adjusting the headset for a more comfortable fit. There’s also a $129.99 Elite Strap with battery bundle that should allow for two additional hours of VR playtime.

<em>The Quest 3 Elite Strap with battery.</em>


The Quest 3 Elite Strap with battery.
Image: Meta

Other new accessories announced by Meta include the $49.99 Quest 3 facial interface and head strap bundle. The facial interface fits on the inside of the device and is supposed to be easier to clean following a workout, while the head strap should provide added support. There’s also the $69.99 Quest 3 carrying case as well as the $39.99 Quest Active Straps for Touch Plus Controllers that are supposed to provide extra grip and stability.

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Correction October 2nd, 4:14PM ET: A previous version of this article stated the Quest Pro controllers have AA batteries. They use built-in rechargeable batteries. We regret the error.