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Xbox will let you automatically back up your game captures on OneDrive

Xbox will let you automatically back up your game captures on OneDrive


Captures stored on the Xbox network will now be deleted after 90 days.

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Xbox is adding a new feature that will let you better manage your game captures. Starting today, you’ll have the ability to set your game screenshots and clips to be automatically backed up in OneDrive, where they’re easy to access from a phone or PC for editing and sharing.

This also comes with a significant update to how Xbox stores your gamer moments (y’know, the good ones, not the other kind) in the cloud. Now, clips and screenshots that are stored on the Xbox network will be deleted after 90 days. Don’t worry, though, Xbox will tell you if there’s anything on the network that’s marked for deletion so you can save it or move it elsewhere.

If you have anything on the Xbox network that you want to keep around for longer, you can bulk upload your files to OneDrive or an external hard drive. After that, you can enable a system setting that will ensure future captures are automatically uploaded to OneDrive instead. (This may not be rolled out on all consoles yet. So don’t panic if you don’t yet see that option. It’s coming.)

Screenshot from an Xbox console showing the apps that the console will prompt you to download during a new console set up. The apps featured are Spotify, Disney+, Hulu, Peacock, Crunchyroll, Apple Music, Apple TV, and the Xbox Movies & TV app.
Image: Xbox

Xbox is also making getting started with a new console easier. Xbox will display popular apps at setup so you don’t have to drill down into the App Store to install Netflix, Twitch, YouTube, or whatever the kids are using to watch Jujutsu Kaisen or whatever.