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Final Fantasy XVI just received a free content update and is now $20 off

Final Fantasy XVI just received a free content update and is now $20 off


Today’s deals include Square Enix’s biggest game of the year for $49.99, the Amazfit Band 7 for $20 off, $300 off Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5, and more.

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Screenshot from Final Fantasy XVI featuring Clive Rosfield aglow with flames bursting from his skin.
Clive, much like this deal, is on fire.
Image: Square Enix

With so many major game releases happening this year — and even this week — you could almost forget that a new mainline Final Fantasy dropped just a couple of months back. Well now, it’s already on a sizable sale. Final Fantasy XVI is selling for $49.99 ($20 off) at both Amazon and Best Buy, its lowest price yet.

Final Fantasy XVI is the most gritty and blood-soaked installment of the series to date, taking a chapter or three from George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones when it comes to sex and political intrigue. It may be rote to describe it as “this ain’t your daddy’s Final Fantasy,” but once you hear main protagonist Clive drop some f-bombs, it will be clear. The game also brings some interesting new twists on series mainstays, like the guardian / summon characters being humongous kaiju-like creatures that fight in big, cinematic battles. And while the PlayStation 5 is the only home for the game for now, producer Naoki Yoshida announced that, in addition to an upcoming PC port, Final Fantasy XVI will get two paid DLC expansions and a free update that just dropped with new weapon and character cosmetics.

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Screenshot from Final Fantasy XVI featuring Cid, Torgal the wolf, Clive, and Jill

Final Fantasy XVI

$7029% off

The latest mainline Final Fantasy game is a bombastic roller coaster of an RPG infused with a dose of Game of Thrones medieval intrigue and gritty violence. It’s also quite the cinematic spectacle of the PlayStation 5’s graphical prowess.

If you can’t be bothered by an expensive smartwatch but you’d like some simple fitness tracking, the Amazfit Band 7 is one of the few budget-friendly wearables available. The Band 7 is a fine deal at its full price of $49.99, but it’s currently on sale at Amazon and Best Buy for an even better price of $39.99. That $10 discount is nearly as good as it gets for this platform-agnostic tracker. Despite its low price, the Band 7 supports heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen readings, stress tracking, sleep tracking, run pacing, and more. It may not have the most accurate GPS, but it’s excellent for beginners who want to start quantifying their exercises to get a little positive movement and motivation.

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The Amazfit Band 7 resting on a table.

Amazfit Band 7

$5020% off

The Amazfit Band 7 is an unassuming, basic fitness tracker with a bright OLED display, long battery life, and an incredible feature set for the price.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 is on sale for $1,499.99 ($300 off) at both Best Buy and Amazon. The ultra-flagship phone is barely a month old, and it’s already selling for a hefty discount — even if $1,500 is still a lot for a phone.

While Samsung may now be getting a little healthy competition from Google’s Pixel Fold, it remains an unmatched foldable in the US thanks to its great hardware and foldable-centric software. The Z Fold 5 sports many of the same specs as the Galaxy S23 line, including a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, making it mostly a spec bump from last year’s Z Fold 4. However, the biggest refinement to the Fold 5 is that its new hinge allows it to fold flat with no big air gap between its surfaces. Maybe that’s not the biggest selling point for a Fold 4 owner, but anyone looking to jump into their first premium folding phone will be getting on the foldable train after many stops were already made on the incremental update line.

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Samsung Z Fold 5 shown standing upright unfolded and folded with outer screen exposed.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 looks a lot like its predecessor, but it now folds flat thanks to a new hinge with fewer moving parts. It maintains the 7.6-inch inner display and narrow 6.2-inch cover screen, but it now utilizes the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor found in Samsung’s Galaxy S23 phones.

Just a handful of additional deals

  • Anker’s 65W 735 Nano II charger is down to $33.99 ($6 off) at Amazon. The compact three-port USB-C charger is ultra-portable and can even charge a laptop like the 13-inch MacBook Air with ease.
  • Samba de Amigo: Party Central, a musical party game for the Nintendo Switch that came out exactly one week ago, is already on sale for $39.88 ($10 off) at Amazon.
  • The Samsung 980 Pro with a heatsink preinstalled is on sale for $129.99 ($60 off) at Amazon or Best Buy. The speedy 2TB NVMe SSD offers a large amount of storage for a gaming PC or PlayStation 5 without breaking the bank on a much pricier 4TB.
  • Dell is once again offering a $75 e-gift card when you buy a disc drive-equipped PS5 for its regular price of $499.99. The $75 credit is good for just about anything on Dell’s site, including accessories and a small selection of games, and is valid for 90 days.