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Here’s where you can preorder Sonos’ new Move 2 speaker

Here’s where you can preorder Sonos’ new Move 2 speaker


After four years of waiting, Sonos is finally releasing a new version of the Sonos Move on September 20th.

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The Sonos Move 2 surrounded by items in the trunk of a car with a person’s hand lying on top.
Sonos’ second-gen Move looks similar to the prior model but is now available in a new green shade.
Image: Sonos

Four years after releasing its first portable speaker, the Sonos Move, Sonos has finally given it a refresh. After months of leaks and rumors, the company has officially confirmed the Sonos Move 2 will arrive on September 20th for $449.

As expected, the Move 2 comes with some significant improvements, which is perhaps why the new Move costs $50 more than its predecessor. According to Sonos, it features true stereo sound and can seamlessly switch from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi. It also boasts twice the battery life as the original Move, allowing it to last up to 24 hours on a single charge.

We have yet to test the Move 2, but the original model is our favorite portable Sonos speaker, so we have high hopes. You’ll have to stay tuned for our full review, but in the meantime, read on to find out how you can be one of the first to get your hands on the forthcoming smart speaker.

Where to preorder the Sonos Move 2

The Move 2 is already available to preorder from Sonos in black, white, or green for $449 ahead of its release date on September 20th. You can also currently sign up for preorder notifications at Best Buy and B&H Photo, the latter retailer of which is set to open preorders later this month on September 13th.

A photo of the upcoming Sonos Move 2 speaker.

Like its predecessor, the Move 2 features a cylindrical form factor and an IP56 rating against dust and water. It offers true stereo sound, however, along with better battery life and the ability to play Bluetooth audio across the rest of your Sonos system.

The second-gen Move features a cylindrical, bulky form factor like its predecessor, meaning it’s not as portable as the company’s smaller smart speaker, the Sonos Roam. However, this time around, it comes in a new green shade. It also features capacitive touch controls similar to the recent Era 300 and Era 100 speakers, and Sonos has even added new track controls and a volume slider bar.

There are even more differences underneath the hood. The Move 2 features new dual-angled tweeters, which allow for true stereo sound and more robust volume. You can also now play music over Bluetooth and sync it with the rest of your Sonos speakers at home — something you couldn’t do with the first-gen model. It’s even outfitted with futureproof support for Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 and supports line-in audio when you purchase Sonos’ optional USB-C dongle.