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E3 continues to fall apart

E3 continues to fall apart


E3 doesn’t have an organizer anymore, and it’s reportedly without a location for 2024.

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Illustration of the E3 logo
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Plans for E3 2024 have already been in doubt, but now a report from reveals that the ESA — the trade association behind the event — has dumped its organizer. The ESA has confirmed to The Verge it no longer plans to partner with PAX organizer ReedPop for future E3 events.

While the ESA was supposed to work with ReedPop for E3 this year, things started to fall apart when companies like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo dropped out of the show. Now reports that the ESA and ReedPop have made the “mutual decision” to exit their multiyear deal.

Although a June report from the Los Angeles City Tourism Commission revealed that the city doesn’t expect E3 to return to its convention center in 2024 or 2025, says that the ESA doesn’t have plans to cancel it just yet.

It reportedly informed the Los Angeles Convention Center that it won’t hold E3 there next year, which means it could still take place elsewhere. Additionally, adds that the ESA is planning a “complete reinvention” of E3 in 2025.

In a statement provided to The Verge, ESA CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis says the association is “continuing to explore” how it can evolve E3 and that it’s “evaluating every aspect of the event, from format to location.” Pierre-Louis adds that the ESA remains “committed” as a convenor and plans on “sharing news about E3 in the coming months.”

Update September 7th, 12:00PM ET: Added ESA’s confirmation.

Update September 7th, 1:34PM ET: Added information about ESA’s plans with LACC.