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Google’s latest layoffs are just the beginning

Google’s latest layoffs are just the beginning


“Everyone at Google understands that these are coming from the top.” Fresh reporting from inside the search giant’s newest round of cuts.

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“Thank you, our corporate overlords, for our new annual tradition.”

If you had taken a peek last week at Memegen, Google’s irreverent internal meme board for employees, you’d have seen that quote with thousands of upvotes. Even during a particularly nasty week of tech layoffs, Google led the way by suddenly cutting over 1,000 people with barely any explanation.

Since 12,000 people were axed a year ago, smaller layoffs have continued to roll through the sprawling conglomerate at a steady clip, creating a feeling of unease. Not all of these prior cuts have been covered publically, such as a roughly 10 percent downsizing of the public policy group in mid November.

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