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Your old phone and iPod are Paris Fashion Week-worthy.

The Schiaparelli couture show today featured expertly crafted garments in vinyl, satin, and lace — but the real show stoppers were a robot-like baby doll and dress, each encrusted with old phones, wires, calculators, and motherboards.

Creative director Daniel Roseberry told WWD it’s a nostalgic ode to a bygone era of technology:

“That’s all pre-2007, which is now basically prehistoric technology, things like the flip phones, the CDs, the calculators and things like that,” Roseberry said. “A lot of people on TikTok have been taking AI and turning my collections into digital collections and seeing who wore it best, so I was thinking, the only card I have to play now is really my memories.”

A baby doll held by a model is covered in loose wires, calculators, and pieces of motherboards.


Image: Vogue