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Microsoft will name a new Blizzard president next week.

Blizzard president Mike Ybarra is leaving the company. Ybarra’s departure comes on the same day Microsoft announced 1,900 job cuts that impact Xbox, Zenimax, and Activision Blizzard workers. The surprise departure comes just two months after Ybarra told Bloomberg “someone will drag me out of Blizzard. That’s how long I will be here.” You can read the full memo from Microsoft’s game content and studios president, Matt Booty, right here.

“In addition to the events today, Mike Ybarra and I have been discussing his future and some of his personal passions for some time. As many of you know, Mike previously spent more than 20 years at Microsoft. Now that he has seen the acquisition through as Blizzard’s president, he has decided to leave the company.” Matt Booty - President, Microsoft Gaming content and studios