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Enjoy talking to your new voice-controlled smart bidet

Enjoy talking to your new voice-controlled smart bidet


Kohler’s PureWash E930 bidet seat helps smarten up your existing toilet by adding new sprays, app connectivity, and voice control.

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Beauty shot of the white Kohler PureWash E930 in a dark green bathroom.
The PureWash E930 gets you the majority of smart toilet features for a fraction of the price. (It’s still pricey, though.)
Image: Kohler

For most people, flushing $10,000 down the drain for an entire smart toilet is a bit much. But if you’ve always wanted a fancy toilet, Kohler is kicking off CES 2024 with a more accessible option. The $2,149 PureWash E930 is a voice-controlled bidet seat that lets you transform your existing toilet into a much smarter one. As in, you can now boss your toilet around.

The appeal of bidet seats is that they let you turn your boring toilet into a much fancier one for a fraction of the price. Kohler’s had bidet seats for years, but the difference with the PureWash E930 is that it has Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatibility, which means you can use your digital assistant of choice to activate the bidet spray, warm air dryer, and UV cleaning features. (And best of all, you don’t have to touch anything.) It also works with the Kohler Konnect app so you can set your own preferences and presets.

The PureWash E930 also has a remote control, heated seat, adjustable water temperature and pressure, and various spray modes. That includes a softer, gentler child mode and a “boost” spray that goes full pressure. There’s also an oscillating or pulsating spray, and Kohler says that the water is continuously heated for “consistent comfort.” Alfred Richardson, Kohler’s director of channel marketing and commercialization, says that design-wise, the company emphasized a slim and low profile, and the E930 ought to fit most elongated toilets. The E930 doesn’t skimp on some of the more fun smart toilet bells and whistles, either. Like the Numi 2.0, it has LED lighting so you can use it as a nightlight. In other words, you’re getting the essence of a full smart toilet without actually having to buy a new one.

Close-up of Kohler Atmo smart bathroom fan on a green ceiling.
Kohler’s Atmo smart bathroom fan can automatically detect humidity and the temperature. It also doubles as a smart nightlight.
Image: Kohler

Kohler also has some other smart bathroom tech lined up for CES. The $266 Atmo bathroom fans smoosh together ventilation with smart lighting. The smart fan can automatically detect the temperature and humidity in your bathroom and then turn on accordingly. You can also customize the fan speed and color temperature of the light to match circadian lighting via the Kohler Konnect app.

Meanwhile, Kohler has a new addition to its Anthem shower controller line, which allows you to personalize your shower experience and monitor water usage. The $2,800 Anthem Plus gets four additional features. You can now fully control sound and lighting, add steam, and add up to 12 water outlets, i.e., a rainfall shower head, detachable shower head, etc. Like Kohler’s other gadgets, you can use voice control with Alexa and Google Home. Plus, there are also nine presets for various scenarios, such as after a workout, before bed, and early morning.

The PureWash E930 is available for order starting today, while the Atmo bathroom fans will open up for orders in Q1 2024. The Anthem Plus is expected in February 2024.