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You can now live that RGB gamer lifestyle while you cook

You can now live that RGB gamer lifestyle while you cook


GE Cync’s new under-cabinet smart lights boast millions of color options to bring a sense of adventure to your meal prep.

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Rendering of modern kitchen with under-cabinet lights glowing soft orange.
Imagine this, but gamerified.
Image: Savant

If you had “install gamer lights in the kitchen” on your list of New Year’s resolutions, well, you’re in luck — GE Lighting is introducing its first full-color under-cabinet smart lights. The Cync Reveal HD Plus fixtures and pucks are arriving soon, starting at $59.99.

Not looking for that RGB gamer vibe? The Cync under-cabinet lights offer a full range of whites, and you can connect up to 10 fixtures together to give your countertops an ethereal glow that just screams Architectural Digest. They can be plugged in or hardwired, and they’re Matter compatible — helpful for futureproofing in the event that Matter sorts itself out.

We had the chance to check out a prototype of Cync’s under-cabinet lights at last year’s CES, and they looked promising. It’s been difficult to find hardwired smart lights for kitchen cabinets, and installing strips of smart LEDs has been a popular workaround. Cync’s lights are more diffuse than the pinprick look that a lot of LED strips are prone to.

Rendering showing slim, rectangular fixture and a round puck option.
Choose from an edge-lit under-cabinet fixture or a puck.
Image: Savant

Being able to tune the white color to your taste makes it easy to match existing lighting or change the color throughout the day. If it’s not the thrill of an RGB-illuminated kitchen you’re after, then maybe a soft orange glow at the end of the day sounds more appealing.

The Cync Reveal HD Plus Full Color Undercabinet lights will be on the show floor at CES 2024 this week and will make their way to,, and later this year.