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Would you wear one of these headbands to chill out?

Judging by what I saw at Unveiled, we’re all anxious, none of us are sleeping well, and the key is to hack your brain with a wearable. I found all three of these devices in the same aisle.

The Frenz Brainband reads your brainwaves and then uses bone conduction to play a personal soundscape into your skull. You stick the Mywave on your forehead for a night to generate custom sleep tracks based on your delta waves. Meanwhile, NeurGear’s ZenBud is a headset that stimulates your vagus nerve to help you chill.

Honestly could’ve used something to help me sleep last night.

Woman wearing purple Frenz Brainband.


The Frenz Brainband supposedly works for sidesleepers too.
Photo by Victoria Song / The Verge