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JBL’s Clip 5 can go more places and connect to more speakers with Auracast

JBL’s Clip 5 can go more places and connect to more speakers with Auracast


The portable waterproof speaker offers 12 hours of playtime and a wider carabiner that can clip onto a wider variety of items, while Bluetooth LE brings new features.

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JBL’s waterproof Clip 5 speaker attached to a backpack.
Image: JBL

The JBL Clip 5 that’s launching at CES 2024 adds a slightly wider carabiner to clip onto more items and an updated sound system that makes it up to 15 percent louder with 10 percent more bass compared to the previous model. This lightweight, portable speaker will go on sale this year for $79.95 and also supports Bluetooth 5.3 with LE Audio and Auracast, along with the rest of a 2024 lineup that includes the new $379.95 Xtreme 4 that can run for up to 24 hours on a charge and the cheaper $49.95 Go 4.

Auracast is one of the features of LE Audio, which we’ve described as “Bluetooth audio’s biggest upgrade in years.” Adding the ability to connect multiple audio devices to a single source makes them more capable than many other lightweight, portable waterproof speakers designed for backyard barbecues, spontaneous picnics, or pool parties.

While the Clip 4 gave you 10 hours of playtime on a single charge, the Clip 5 gives you 12 hours (at moderate volume). Similar to its predecessors, the Clip 5 has IP67 water and dustproofing — so it can survive falling into a river or being thrown into the sand. It also includes a 40 percent increase in driver power, which JBL says will allow for more “streamlined sound” and consistent bass. 

The Clip 5 will hit stores in June and include six color options.

Six colors of the same portable speaker
JBL Clip 5 in all available colors.
Image: JBL