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The Flipper Zero has a powerful new hat, and yes, it runs Doom.

The $49 Video Game Module is a collab with Raspberry Pi that fits right on top of the Flipper Zero to combine all the features of that device with tilt controls, video out, and all the code you can run on an RP2040. It also works standalone.

Read the full announcement at the Flipper Zero blog. I can’t wait to see what neat uses people come up with for this thing.

Photo of a chunky white device with an orange screen, control wheel, and “Flipper” logo, with another white device marked “Video game module” attached to its top. The video game module has a cable emerging from the top leading to a large TV mirroring the orange-and-black, simplified version of Doom running on the Flipper’s tiny screen.
The Flipper Zero wearing its new Video Game Module hat, which has a RP2040 microprocessor in it.
Photo credit: Flipper Zero