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Squishmallows and Jazwares vs. Build-A-Bear and Skoosherz.

The Guardian reports that Squishmallows parent company Jazwares is suing Build-A-Bear over its new line of rotund, kawaii animals, Skoosherz, accusing it of copying their toys’ “simplified Asian-style kawaii faces.”

Not backing down, Build-A-Bear countersued Jazwares, saying Skoosherz extends its existing line of cute animal toys. This is not the first time the Warren Buffet-owned Jazwares has sued for copyright infringement, it filed a lawsuit last year against Alibaba for selling fake Squishmallows.

Side by side image showing two Squishmallows plush toys on the left and five plush Skoosherz toys on the right.
“Patty & Connor” Squishmallows (L), and Skoosherz (R)
Image (composite): Jazwares, Build-A-Bear