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Apple’s $3,499 Vision Pro lacks Find My location tracking, so don’t lose it

Apple’s $3,499 Vision Pro lacks Find My location tracking, so don’t lose it


Even with ‘Find My’ turned on, Apple says you can’t use the service to track down your missing Vision Pro. 

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Apple’s newly released Vision Pro may be packed with new technology, but it lacks a pretty basic feature we associate with recent Apple products: Find My location tracking. According to Apple’s support page for the $3,500 headset, turning on the “Find My” feature on the Vision Pro will activate a feature called Activation Lock.

When a user has Activation Lock turned on, their Vision Pro will require their Apple ID and password before they can either turn off “Find My” or erase the device and try to set it up with a new account. The Vision Pro already is locked down by only working with one account, verified by signing in to the account which can be done with a nearby iPhone (unless the owner puts it in Guest Mode).

Unlike other Find My-compatible Apple products, turning it on with a Vision Pro won’t enable tracking or the other aids for missing or stolen devices like playing a sound, Lost Mode, or remote wipes. Technology-wise, the Vision Pro has everything that would make location tracking possible, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. But unlike, say, your iPhone, the Vision Pro lacks a built-in battery, which allows users to locate a misplaced device for a number of hours after the battery is dead. Once you disconnect the power cable, the Vision Pro headset will power off. 

The limited location tracking abilities of Apple’s flagship headset, along with the potentially expensive costs of repairs, makes one thing clear — even if you have the fluffy $199 travel case, this device might be best left at home.