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The fifth anniversary of Apex Legends is bringing big changes.

The Breakout season of Apex Legends starts Tuesday, February 13th, and after a lot of recent changes that didn’t all go over well, the battle royale is undoing some of them while making other, larger shifts detailed in this developer diary video.

There’s a new in-match progression system that gives players choices in ways to upgrade their legend’s abilities, and shields work completely differently. Oh, and after a long wait, 120fps Performance Mode is finally coming for PS5 and Xbox Series consoles.

GAME UPDATE LEGEND UPGRADES & EVO  LEGEND UPGRADES New in-match progression system for BR modes Gain EVO to level up armor and Legends Unlock unique abilities at Levels 2 and 3 EVO Legend Armor fueled by a Shield Core Overcharging a Shield Core gives a temporary boost EVO can be earned for players and squads Earn extra EVO via EVO Harvesters + EVO Caches
Apex Legends Breakout changes
Image: EA