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I continue to be surprised by how far people will go to perpetrate gift card scams.

404 Media and Court Watch bring us the story of “a legitimate presenting security researcher who has reported multiple vulnerabilities to Apple” (and been thanked by the tech giant for doing so) that’s now been charged with breaking into an Apple-connected backend system all in the name of a poorly concocted gift card scam.

One of the defendants apparently used the stolen credit to buy Final Cut Pro from their own Apple ID — and somehow didn’t expect to get caught?

On or about February 11, 2019, the defendant redeemed two of the gift cards for about $100 each. On or about February 13, 2019, the defendant redeemed a third gift card for about $100. On or around February 26, 2019, the defendant used the $300 in funds obtained from these gift cards to purchase FinalCut Pro on Company A’s app store for about $299.99 using the defendant’s own Company A account.