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Cowboy expands at-home e-bike services to more riders

Cowboy expands at-home e-bike services to more riders


On-Demand dispatches technicians to your doorstep to perform ad-hoc services like bike setup, puncture repair, and child seat installation. 

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A repair technician examines a Cowboy e-bike along side its owner in front of a door in what looks like a European city.
A technician will be dispatched to your location for prices starting at €69/£69.
Image: Cowboy

Cowboy, the boutique Belgian maker of e-bikes, is taking the training wheels off its On-Demand offering of ad hoc services previously being tested in just a few cities.

That means owners of Cowboy e-bikes across Europe can now request flat tire fixes, bike setup, general maintenance, and the installation of child seats or rear racks right in the Cowboy app with prices starting at €69 / £69. Best of all, you don’t have to visit one of the company’s bike store partners since a technician will be dispatched directly to your doorstep. The On-Demand service is meant to complement Cowboy Care, the company’s subscription maintenance service.

Appointments can be booked and managed directly in the Cowboy app.
Appointments can be booked and managed directly in the Cowboy app.
Image: Cowboy

“It’s imperative that customers feel confident that when they invest in a Cowboy e-bike, they can service and maintain it at a time and place most convenient for them,” said Cowboy co-founder and CTO Tanguy Goretti a statement. “Continuously investing and improving our post-sales support is a huge part of our strategy this year and On-Demand is a big part of that, with more news to come in a few months time.”

The On-Demand service offering is now available nationwide in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg; as well as “the capitals region” for France, the UK, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, and Italy (including Milan); and Glasgow.

Additionally, Cowboy says it’s now partnered with 175 local bike retailers (up from about 100 last July) across Europe which currently provide over half of all customer repairs. It plans to partner with an additional 1,000 by the end of 2025 — which is ambitious, to say the least.

These latest announcements come as Cowboy enters a period of sustained profitability for the first time in its existence, buoyed by the launch of its excellent new upright Cruiser model.

Update February 8th, 1:00PM ET: Cowboy corrected itself to say that by end of 2025, not end of 2024, it plans to partner with 1,000 additional bike shops.