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Spotify is introducing more listeners to audiobooks

Spotify is introducing more listeners to audiobooks


Plus, brands are wary of advertising on podcasts covering the war in Gaza.

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Image: The Verge

For the first time since Spotify announced its audiobook vertical in 2022, the company appears to be making a dent in the market.

Referring to data from Bookstat that was published in The New York Times, CEO Daniel Ek said during an earnings call on Tuesday that Spotify is now the second biggest player in audiobooks behind Audible. And according to the NYT report, it does appear that Spotify is helping to grow the overall market rather than stealing existing customers from traditional a la carte or credits-based platforms.

According to Ek, the users who are engaging with audiobooks are not necessarily going for the bestsellers that dominate on the other platforms. Because 15 hours of audiobook listening is included in Spotify’s premium subscription, users are more likely to check out newer or lesser-known authors. He said that the credit system used by Audible and others drives listeners toward “safer bets.”

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