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Moment ventures into full-size camera bags with new sling models

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The Rugged Camera Sling puts some new ideas into a familiar design

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Two black Moment Rugged Camera Sling bags on a wooden table with a lamp in the background
The Moment Rugged Camera Sling in 6L and 10L capacities.
Photo: Moment

Moment built its brand on making photographic accessories for smartphones, but over the past couple of years, the company has expanded its product line to include lenses and filters for drones and larger mirrorless or DSLR cameras. Today, the company is announcing its first bags designed specifically for interchangeable lens cameras: the new 6-liter (6L) and 10-liter (10L) Rugged Camera Sling.

Both bags are available for preorder starting today, with the 6L model costing $89.99 and the 10L version running $129.99. The prices will go up to $99.99 and $149.99, respectively, when shipping starts on June 8th.

The Rugged Camera Sling is a traditional camera sling bag designed to be worn on one shoulder, with the strap going across your body. The 6L size is meant to hold a mirrorless camera alongside two additional lenses or a compact drone, while the 10L version is roomy enough for a larger DSLR and its accompanying lenses or a drone and all of its attachments. Both models have a tablet slot that’s large enough to carry an 11-inch iPad Pro.

Inside, each bag has a bright orange padded interior that makes it easy to see smaller items. There are Velcro dividers that you can use to customize its organization as well as a zippered pouch in the top flap with compartments for batteries, memory cards, or Moment’s smartphone accessory lenses. The outside of the bag has another zippered compartment with a keyring attachment inside.

A Moment Rugged Camera Sling bag with its top open showing the interior.
The inside of the Rugged Camera Sling has a bright orange color and movable foam dividers.
Photo: Moment
A man demonstrating the flexible, winged back panel of the Moment Rugged Camera Sling bag on a wooden table.
A winged back panel helps the Rugged Camera Sling conform to your body when you wear it.
Photo: Moment

The exterior of the Rugged Camera Sling is constructed of a waterproof recycled material called NorthPak. It’s designed to resist snags and rips while repelling water. Moment describes the bags as “storm proof,” meaning you can use it in a rain or snowstorm, but they are not waterproof enough to be submerged underwater. The material is lightweight and has a crosshatch pattern on it similar to ripstop nylon.

While most of the bag’s features are standard and common across similar sling bags from other makers, there are a few innovations on the outside that help the Rugged Camera Sing standout. The most prominent one is the winged panel that conforms to your back while you wear the bag. This soft material allows the squarish bag to rest comfortably on your back without any single pressure point. In addition, the main strap can be reversed for either your left or right shoulder.

Perhaps my favorite unique feature is the quick-release magnetic attachments on the straps on the underside of the bag. These straps are useful for carrying a tripod or jacket, but they can be very cumbersome to use on other bags. The quick-release latches make it easy to get something quickly secured or removed without having to fiddle with adjusting the strap lengths.

A black 10-liter Moment Rugged Sling bag on a white background
The straps on the bottom of the bag have quick-release magnetic clasps to make it easy to secure or remove something from them.
Photo: Moment

Moment’s biggest competitor in this space is likely the Peak Design Everyday Sling, which is also available in multiple sizes, has many similar features, and carries a similar price tag. Where Moment’s bag differentiates itself from Peak’s popular design is in the small details around comfort and accessibility.

Moment has not been shy about its ambitions to expand its product range, and the company is expected to eventually release larger, full-sized backpacks and other camera bags in the future. But for now, the Rugged Camera Sling is a comfortable, easy-to-use camera bag.