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You can now send photos straight from Lightroom to Photoshop on iPad

You can now send photos straight from Lightroom to Photoshop on iPad


A much quicker way to move photos around

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Image: Adobe

Adobe is making it easier to move images between its two biggest iPad apps. After an update today, Lightroom on iPad will have an “Edit in Photoshop” button that will send a photo straight to Photoshop on iPad. Once you’re in Photoshop, you can either tap the “Send to Lightroom” button to head back or keep the photo within Photoshop by saving it as a Cloud PSD.

Moving files into and between Adobe’s apps has been one of the small but frustrating challenges of using them on the iPad. It was years before you could import photos directly from an SD card. Moving back and forth between Lightroom and Photoshop is a really common workflow for editors, so this addition should make the process a lot quicker and more convenient. Editors could do it before, but they’d have to manually export and import the updated files every time they wanted to change apps.

Adobe is announcing a handful of other Photoshop and Lightroom updates today. Lightroom is getting a “local Hue” adjustment tool across platforms, an improved watermarking workflow, and a feature for saving different versions of edits that sync across platforms. Photoshop on the desktop is getting an improved select subject tool, with a focus on better cutouts of people in portrait photos, and its Camera Raw interface has been updated to more closely resemble Lightroom.