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The Verge Guide to Gmail

Get the most out of Google’s email app

Since its launch in 2004, Google’s Gmail email app has grown to be the most popular email service out there. While it’s gone through a lot of changes since then and has added a wide variety of features, its main goal — and main advantage — remains that it provides free online email in an easy-to-understand and use format.

However, behind that clean interface is actually a plethora of features, add-ons, and possible tweaks. In The Verge Guide to Gmail, we look at the wide variety of things you can do to make Gmail fit your particular needs, such as vacation responders, templates, snoozing, signatures, and smart replies. We also help you back up your emails just in case and get those hundreds of promotional emails out of your inbox.

Whatever you need to do with your email, you can probably do it with Gmail. And we’re here to help.