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This pokémon engagement ring has gone terribly wrong

This pokémon engagement ring has gone terribly wrong


Gotta catch something

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The Pokémon Company and Japanese jewelry company Ginza Tanaka are selling Pikachu-inspired rings for couples looking to make their marriage themed. Ah, love. Love and pokémon. Two concepts that are definitely entangled in my mind. Why catch ‘em all when you can snag The One?

As a person who buys jewelry that turns my skin green, I don’t know much about engagement or wedding rings. These rings appear to be perfectly fine for matrimony. There are a few band options available in platinum and gold, all pretty simple. They also come with a pokéball box. The collection, which runs from ¥115,500 to ¥346,500 (roughly $1,074 to $3,223), includes a pretty straightforward Pikachu head emblem with “I choose you” engraved into the band, while another has a band designed to look like Pikachu tails. And then there’s the real star here, something of a poking hazard, thanks to its two... two...

Ah. Well, you can’t really put a price on that, can you?