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Xbox’s Summer Game Fest event has 70 demos of new games you can try now

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Including a game about skateboarding birds

X-Box One S Photo by Tyler Pina / The Verge

More than 70 demos of unreleased Xbox One games are now available to play as part of Microsoft’s Summer Game Fest Demo Event. You’ll be able to check them out until July 27th.

You can see the full list of demos available right here. Two games that catch my eye include Destroy All Humans!, a remake of the alien invasion game first released in 2005, and SkateBird, where you play as an adorable skateboarding bird.

Image: Glass Bottom Games

With the big summer gaming trade shows canceled or shifted to online-only events, Microsoft’s demo event could be a great way to check out some upcoming games from the comfort of your own couch. With more than 70 games to try, you’ll have a lot of potential demos to play between now and the 27th.

And if you’re wondering about games coming to the Xbox Series X, Microsoft is hosting a digital event focused on games coming to the next-gen console that will air on Thursday.