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Watch the trailer for Avowed, a new fantasy RPG from Outer Worlds studio Obsidian

Watch the trailer for Avowed, a new fantasy RPG from Outer Worlds studio Obsidian


Set in Pillars of Eternity’s world Eora

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Fallout: New Vegas and The Outer Worlds studio Obsidian Entertainment has announced a new fantasy roleplaying game called Avowed for Xbox Series X and PC. Avowed takes place in Eora, the setting of Obsidian’s 2015 game Pillars of Eternity and its 2018 sequel. But it’s swapping Pillars of Eternity’s old-school isometric perspective for first-person gameplay, apparently including swordplay and spellcasting. A trailer doesn’t give away much detail, but it offers a sense of the game’s aesthetic and tone.

Avowed is Obsidian’s third game since its acquisition by Microsoft, following Outer Worlds and Grounded, a cooperative survival game where shrunken players navigate the dangers of a backyard. Grounded is set to be released through Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview on July 28th. Today, Obsidian also announced a noir-influenced expansion to The Outer Worlds, called Peril on Gorgon, for release on September 9th.

There’s no release date set for Avowed, and it’s unclear whether the Xbox One will support the game. Obsidian’s site originally listed an Xbox One launch, but it has since been removed. Xbox games marketing manager Aaron Greenberg tweeted that future first-party titles would be “leading with Series X” and individual studios would ultimately determine whether to launch on Xbox One. Microsoft declined to comment on whether Avowed specifically would appear on the current-generation platform.

Update 7:00PM ET: Added new information about Microsoft’s plans for shipping on Xbox One.