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The creators of Sonic are making a theatrical action game for Xbox Series X

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Balan Wonderworld is out spring 2021

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Two of the original creators of Sonic the Hedgehog lead programmer Yuji Naka and character designer Naoto Ohshima — are reuniting to create a new “theatrical” action platformer called Balan Wonderworld, which is set to release on the Xbox Series X and Xbox One in spring 2021.

Balan Wonderworld marks the first time that the duo has worked together on a project since they created Sonic over two years ago. Yuji Naka will be directing the upcoming title, while Naoto Ohshima — who originally designed characters like Sonic and Dr. Eggman — will be working on the title, too.

The game is set in the “Wonderworld” and inspired by the theater, with protagonists Leo and Emma playing through 12 different tales, led by the “mysterious clown” Balan. Players will be able to collect over 80 different costumes to unlock new abilities as they journey through the colorful, almost Mario-esque worlds along the way.

Balan Wonderworld is the first game from Balan Company, and it will be published by Square Enix in spring 2021.