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Here’s how to view the Android 11 statue in AR

Here’s how to view the Android 11 statue in AR


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Google has officially announced Android 11, and the new operating system is already rolling out to Pixel phones. In honor of the release, Google has created a statue that you can view in augmented reality on any Android phone. Dave Burke, Android’s VP of engineering, tweeted a picture of the virtual statue earlier this afternoon.

Android traditionally puts up a physical statue in Mountain View for each release — last year’s was a large number 10 signed by the Android team. The 11 is the first Android statue that’s entirely in AR, which makes sense since COVID-19 has pumped the brakes on many people’s travel plans. It comes with some fun effects as well — the Android logo will appear in various locations around the statue as you view it, and there’s a recipe for red velvet cake on the side.

If you’re on an Android phone and want to check out the statue for yourself, click this link, which Burke also tweeted.