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Making it Work

How creators and businesses are trying to thrive in 2020

The Verge presents Making It Work, a special issue about how small businesses have found clever and creative ways to adapt to the current climate, be it the pandemic, sweeping tech platform changes, or literally the climate. Whether it’s selling face masks on Etsy, hosting 10,000-person dance classes through streaming video, or getting a community to take COVID testing seriously with free tacos, these are stories about how the internet has enabled scrappy underdogs and thoughtful problem-solving.

Illustrations by Claudia Chinyere Akole

The mask barons of Etsy

The 10,000-person dance party streaming in your living room

Zen and the art of bicycle fenders

To fight the pandemic, a Brooklyn restaurant turned to tacos

The diner that isn’t afraid to piss off Seamless, or customers who use it