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Watch this animated short introducing the story of Star Wars: Squadrons

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A first taste of space battle action

If you just can’t wait for the release of Star Wars: Squadrons next month, EA has something to ease the pain.

Today, the publisher released a new 7-minute animated short, which serves as a standalone story introducing one of the main characters from Squadrons’ single-player campaign. It centers on an Imperial pilot named Varko Grey, the only one left behind after a massive battle. There are tense dogfights, lots of flaming Star Destroyers, and all of the musical cues you’d expect from Star Wars.

EA says the short was made in collaboration with Squadrons developer Motive as well as Lucasfilm and ILM. The game — which lets players pilot classic Star Wars ships in both a story-driven campaign and squad-based multiplayer — will launch on October 2nd on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.