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Watch Demon’s Souls first gameplay on PS5

Watch Demon’s Souls first gameplay on PS5


You will die

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Sony released the first gameplay from Bluepoint Games’ upcoming remake of Demon’s Souls. The video dropped today as part of the PlayStation 5’s event — but the original trailer has since been removed because of an apparent mistake. It claimed that the game would also be coming to PC, but Sony has now told Kotaku differently.

Demon’s Souls is a total remake of the original game from the studio that also worked on the PS4 remake of Shadow of The Colossus. The gameplay video features an encounter with the demon Vanguard, one of the first big challenges players will encounter. 

“It was essential to us that we recreated Demon’s Souls in such a way that longtime fans are transported back to the Boletaria they love,” said SIE Worldwide Studios External Development creative director Gavin Moore in a post on the PlayStation blog. “It’s the Boletaria that has been growing and maturing in their imaginations for over a decade.”

Demon’s Souls is a PS5 console exclusive. The game will be available as a launch title.

The PlayStation 5 launches November 12th for $499.

Correction: The earlier Demon’s Souls trailer said the game would be available on PC and would be a limited-time PS5 exclusive, but Sony told Kotaku that was a mistake and pulled the trailer. We have removed mention of the game coming to PC.