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How to preorder all of the new Amazon products

Echo, Eero, you name it

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Image: Amazon

Amazon announced a load of new devices today at its hardware event, as expected. The new Echo Show 10 smart display, shown above, that can follow your movements around the room and Ring’s new Always Home Cam drone are just a sampling. And now, we found out when you can buy them and how much they’ll cost. We’ll be reviewing most, if not all, of these products before they make their way onto store shelves, but if you want to place an order ahead of time, here are the links. Best Buy is also offering preorders for these products.

If Amazon’s Prime Day 2020 goes on in mid-October, as is rumored, it’s possible that we’ll see a few of these products at a lower price. Not all of them will have released by then, but it’s good to at least keep in mind.

We’ll add more links for the Ring products announced as they become available.

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Image: Amazon
Amazon Fire TV Stick Image: Amazon