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The Verge holiday gift guide for creators

Gift ideas for the creators in your circle

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It can be said that this is a golden age for creators: there is a plethora of wonderfully imaginative art coming from a wide variety of fields like video and still photography, audio, graphics, text, and a whole mass of other arts. If you have friends or family who are professional creators (or have ambitions to become one) — or if you yourself work in a creative field — then we’ve assembled some gift ideas that could be perfect.

We’ve gone to our own creative staff for suggestions for what could be the perfect gift. Beginners could take advantage of an inexpensive gadget that converts HDMI to USB or a popular USB microphone that will enhance their podcasts. Videographers will need a smartphone stabilizer to keep their vlogs steady and a professional lens to add to their iPhone. And pros will want to consider Apple’s latest high-end system and display (although make sure your relatives can afford them before you put them on your gift list).


Filmic Pro app

This 4K video recorder app gives your Android or iOS phone a plethora of advanced features that will enable you to shoot and edit your videos like a real pro. Price: ~$15

iBower omnidirectional lavalier microphone

This is a great microphone for any YouTube video -- or other video -- you might want to do. It offers impressive quality, even when used with lower-end free audio apps. Price: ~$26

Aputure MC RGBWW LED light

If you're photographing indoors -- and many of us are, these days -- you need good lighting. The Aputure MC RGBWW LED light fits in the palm of your hand but gives you the steady, balancing lighting that you need. Price: ~$99

Surface Headphones 2

Except for a new matte black color option and buttons that are (thankfully) now more raised and easier to find with your thumb, these look identical to the noise-canceling originals. But they last longer and are priced far more sensibly. Price: ~$250

Apple Mac Pro

This is very much the product that professional Mac users have been asking Apple to make for years: a modular, high-performance Mac tower. This new Mac Pro has far more raw capability, far more cooling ability, and far more room to grow than the old Pro. A gift for a real creator. Price: ~$5,999

GoPro Hero 9

The GoPro is one of the most well-known cameras around, and for good reason. And this year, GoPro has created by far its most powerful action camera to date: bigger battery, bigger body, bigger video and photo resolutions. And a reusable case with no plastic packaging. Price: ~$399

BlueAVS Audio Video Capture Card, HDMI to USB

All this device does is convert HDMI to USB, which is conceptually simple but technically more complex. However, the brand name models have become difficult to find, which is where this weird little knockoff model comes in. It's inexpensive and it works. What more do you need? Price: ~$20

Moment fanny sling

With a built-in lens cloth, dedicated phone pocket, and adjustable size, this sling is everything the photographer in your life is looking for in a small bag. From a Sony A7C to a 35mm camera, this sling fits everything and more. Price: ~$60

Blue Snowball USB microphone

The Snowball is one of Blue's most popular microphones for a reason. The mic is small and compact, offers an upgrade over most headsets, and is a huge upgrade over your laptop's built-in mic. If you want your voice to be nice and clear over conference calls or while gaming, this is a great option. Price: ~$50

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan

When editing photos, every other app takes a backseat to Photoshop. You could be doing a hopeful photographer a real favor by giving them a one-year subscription to Photoshop and Lightroom. Price: ~$120

DJI OM 4 smartphone stabilizer

No matter how much stabilization is built into a smartphone, when you're in the middle of an exciting shoot, the only way to keep that video from bouncing is to use a real gimbel stabilizer with two-axis stabilization. This is a great gift for your favorite vlogger. Price: ~$149

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (third-gen) USB audio interface

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface is affordable and durable, with a metal casing. This USB interface offers two microphone inputs as well as outputs for monitors; you can plug any analog mic into it. Price: ~$154

Moment iPhone photography starter set

Your iPhone may have a great lens, but the one from Moment is better. This starter kit comes with a a mounting case and your choice of lens, including a tele 58mm lens, a wide 18mm lens, and an anamorphic lens, among others. Price: ~$155

Electro-Voice RE20 mic

The RE20 is a dynamic microphone that pretty much carried over from radio to podcasting, and is especially recommended for voice recording. The RE20 is a little older and a little less expensive than the RE27, but both are great podcasting tools. Price: ~$399

Pro Display XDR monitor

The Pro Display XDR is a 32-inch 6K LCD that can hit 1,600 nits of peak brightness, with 1,000 nits of sustained brightness from a full-array local dimming backlight composed of 576 special blue LEDs. In other words, if you're a pro creator and can afford it, you'll want it. Price: ~$4,849

Jarvis Bamboo standing desk

If you're in need of a good standing desk, the Jarvis Bamboo is a fantastic choice. The ability to switch between sitting and standing means you can mix up your working posture. We recommend springing for the programmable height module that can automatically raise and lower your desk to your preferred height. Price: ~$634

ONEGenug headset stand

A headset stand is great if you work from home and need something to put your headset on, especially when you consider that a pair of headphones can get scratched over time from laying on a table. A little cubby below the arch lets you store the cable (if the headset is wired) or something else, like a phone. Price: ~$28

Nikon Z 50

The small-yet-powerful Z 50 mirrorless camera is perfect if you’re looking to step up your photo and video skills. With a slim and sleek body, the Z 50 makes it easy for creators to capture hi-res images and videos on-the-go, and perfect selfies or vlogs with the 3.2-inch flip-down LCD screen. You can push your creativity with 4K Ultra HD, timelapse, slow-motion, filters, effects, and so much more then share in a snap thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Price: ~$859