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Nikon is bringing back its free online photography classes for the holidays

Now through December 31st

Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Nikon is bringing back its promotion that allows you to stream its entire online curriculum of photography classes at no cost, just in time for the holiday season.

Now through December 31st, you can stream all classes featured at the Nikon School Online. Normally, these classes cost between $15 and $50 each. Each course is taught by a professional photographer and features in-depth lessons to improve your photo-taking skills.

However, it is important to note that although it is called the “Nikon School Online,” you do not need to own a Nikon camera to take advantage of these free courses. A few classes focus on Nikon-specific gear, but most of the classes available focus on photography as a skill set and how to improve.

I streamed the classes earlier this year when they were free, and I really enjoyed the course that focuses on photographing children and pets because I picked up a few helpful tips on how to take better photos of my twin brother’s Pomeranian puppy with my Nikon D3100.

Nikon previously offered this promotion in April before extending the offer until May 31st. With the holiday season quickly approaching, if you plan to buy a camera for yourself or a loved one, it’s not a bad idea to watch these online courses to ensure you get the most out of your gift. Or if you were planning to take some photography classes to improve your skills, save some money; you may want to give these videos a look first.

You can stream all the online classes right now on Nikon’s website. You will need to sign up and provide your name and an email address before you can watch. But don’t worry; you can opt-out of receiving marketing emails after signing up.