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This year will be huge for electric cars — here’s why

This year will be huge for electric cars — here’s why


Seven new EVs coming in 2021 and what they tell us about this massive sea change in the auto industry

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2021 is going to be a really big year for electric vehicles. Car-buying experts at Edmunds expect US sales to grow to 2.5 percent from 1.9 percent in 2020. That’s thanks to more options and growing interest from interested consumers.

Nearly three dozen EVs from 21 automotive brands are expected to go on sale this year, compared to 17 vehicles from 12 brands in 2020. Notably, this will be the first year that all three major vehicle categories will be represented: there will be 11 electric sedans, 13 SUVs, and six pickup trucks in 2021, whereas only 10 cars and seven SUVs were available last year.

We thought we’d zero in on seven different EVs coming out this year and talk about what they tell us about where things are headed in the future — for the auto industry, for the climate, and for all of us that need to get around. After all, this wouldn’t be a Verge video if we weren’t talking about the future.