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The DIY issue

The crafts and movements people are making for themselves in 2021

When you can’t find exactly what you want — whether that’s the perfect e-bike, the right size knitting pattern, or a much-needed support network — the DIY movement has an answer: create it yourself. This collection of stories looks at where the DIY ethos is popping up in 2021, from players looking to make video games more accessible for themselves to a family mounting their own campaign to help find a missing person.

Text Adventures

The DIY e-bike scene is obsessed with speed and clout

Making fanfiction beautiful enough for a bookshelf

When Wendy Sánchez went missing, her brother built a campaign to find her

The plus-size knitters who are solving an inclusivity problem

A former pro is helping figure skating look more authentic than ever

Building the ultimate retro computer

Grassroots online efforts are forming a new queer network of care

When games are hard on their hands, some players turn their voices into controllers

Stream it yourself

How modders rebuilt Resident Evil 4’s graphics from scratch