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The NFT News

NFT’s are the Big Thing in tech news right now, from people trying to figure out just what the heck a non-fungible token is, to concerns about them furthering the climate crisis because of the energy requirements that can come with blockchain technology. It also seems like there’s a game of one-up being played with ridiculous, NFT related news: memes are being sold as NFTs, Jack Dorsey is selling a tweet for millions of dollars, Taco Bell is hopping in with taco-themed NFTs, someone paid $69 million for a JPG.

For those who are looking to keep up with the latest in NFT news, whether that’s hackers stealing them from collectors, controversy about someone selling art by other people as NFTs, or Elon Musk... just doing what he does, we’re keeping track of it all right here. And if you’ve made it here and are still not sure what an NFT is, we’ve got an explainer that may be able to help.