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Celebrate your COVID vaccination with these off-the-wall tchotchkes

Celebrate your COVID vaccination with these off-the-wall tchotchkes


And don’t forget to bring your virus-themed party hat

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Photographs of people getting triumphantly vaccinated against COVID-19 are all over social networks, as are announcements of upcoming appointments, first and second injections, and how well (or badly) they reacted to the vaccine. Like births, weddings, and graduations, the act of getting your Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson injection has become a cause for public celebration.

So don’t you want something to mark the occasion? A souvenir of the first indication that you can begin to think seriously about hugging your relatives, entering a store without tension, and even <gasp!> eating comfortably in a restaurant?

Sites such as Etsy, Zazzle, and Redbubble are overflowing with T-shirts, hats, and buttons proclaiming “Fully Vaccinated,” “Hug me, I’m vaccinated,” “Vaccines cause adults,” and “Vaccinated AF.” (I just report these; I don’t write them.) There are necklaces, hats, toys, keychains, and cardholders. Okay, it’s a little weird, but still... So if you want to mark your future reentry into society with something to wear, hold, or just laugh at, here are a few samples.


This is one of the classier souvenirs we found: a gold-plated sterling silver necklace with the simple message “Vaccinated.” You can choose from a variety of lengths: 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, and 24 inches. For those who want to show a smidgen of subtlety in their advocacy.


Not into subtle? This party hat will advertise your vaccinated status for blocks — and now that the weather is warming up, it is perfect for your first outdoor party, BBQ, or picnic. Be poked and be proud!


I’ve always like enamel pins — they are often very attractive, there is a wide variety out there, and, well, they’re usually cheap. This colorful pin offers a smiling face that could either be a summer sun or a weirdly cheerful COVID molecule, along with the words “COVID-19 Vaccinated.”


So what are you going to do once you’ve been vaccinated? For some of us, it’s been so long that our imaginations have dried up. This “100 Things To Do After Quarantine” calendar may help. Hang it up and check out the 100 ideas it offers for things to do — and once you’ve done one, scratch the square to show a fun illustration and track your reemergence into society.


If you have a graduate in the family, what better way to celebrate this incredible year by giving them a COVID-19 microbe plushy? Giant Microbes creates cute versions of a variety of viruses, pests, organs, conditions, and other nasties. (Want a cute representation of a Salmonella bacterium?) This special version of COVID-19 comes with a snazzy graduation cap.


If you’re still stuck in the house and are looking for something to occupy yourself besides the fifth rerun of WandaVision, why not try one of these simple embroidery patterns so that you can commemorate your vaccination? Or make it for a relative or friend so that they have something more personal than yet another selfie to remember the occasion by.


Who would have ever thought that anyone would think it would be a good idea to have images of face masks and hypodermic needles hanging from your holiday tree? Yet here they are: ornaments to hang from a tree, in a window, or around your neck, proclaiming that you have indeed been vaccinated in 2021. You can even specify which vaccine you got. Wear your new status with pride!


The year 2020 was an incredibly tense year, and while 2021 may be getting better, it’s going to take a while to get back to near-normal. You can use this “Relax, I Got The Vaccine” throw pillow to take it easy — and also to signal to guests that they can take a breath and feel relatively safe on your couch.