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Where to preorder the new black and red DualSense controllers for the PS5

Now, if only you could pick up a console

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The new DualSense controller comes in two iterations: Midnight Black and Cosmic Red (pictured).
Image: Sony

With the PlayStation 5, Sony opted for a less traditional color scheme, one that ditched the classic jet-black exterior found on earlier PlayStation consoles in favor of a black-and-white finish. For some, the new exterior was an acquired taste, as was the matching aesthetic found on the accompanying DualSense controller.

On Thursday, however, the company announced two new color schemes for the DualSense — at least for those lucky enough to have landed a PS5 console amid the ongoing supply shortages. Dubbed “midnight black” and “cosmic red,” both controllers offer the same features as the standard DualSense, including a built-in microphone, haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers designed to make games more immersive.

Right now, both are currently available for preorder ahead of their launch on June 18th.

Where to buy the midnight black Dualsense controller

Like the standard DualSense controller, the midnight black DualSense will retail for $69.99 at launch. It’s currently available for preorder at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and PlayStation Direct, the latter of which will ship the controller a week ahead of other retailers on June 11th. It’s not an exact match for previous DualShock controllers — the two-tone design features multiple shades of black and subtle gray detailing — but it’s far closer than the current DualSense, which opts for a white-and-black build. If you’ve wrapped your PS5 in Dbrand’s Darkplates, well now you can have a matching controller.

Where to buy the cosmic red Dualsense controller

According to Sony, the color palette found on the cosmic red DualSense controller is modeled after the various shades of red scattered throughout the cosmos. That added interstellar inspiration will cost you, however, as the cosmic red edition runs a bit pricier at $74.99. It features a two-tone design like the midnight black DualSense, and it’s currently available for preorder at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and PlayStation Direct.

Like the midnight black model, the red-and-black edition is also slated to ship via PlayStation Direct on June 11th, a week ahead of other retailers.