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Watch the first trailer for The Witcher: Blood Origin on Netflix

Watch the first trailer for The Witcher: Blood Origin on Netflix


A tease of the live-action prequel

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There’s more to The Witcher universe than just Geralt, and Netflix gave the first glimpse at that with an early look at Blood Origin. The trailer was initially revealed as a post-credits scene in The Witcher season 2, which debuted on December 17th.

The upcoming live-action prequel stars Michelle Yeoh as a sword elf, and it takes place well before the main series, covering the events that led to the creation of witchers in the first place. Netflix describes the series as an “epic prequel series depicting the creation of the prototype witcher and the events leading to the pivotal ‘Conjunction of the Spheres.’” (For more on the conjunction, check out this interview on the scientific possibilities of the multiverse.) The show is slated to debut on Netflix sometime in 2022.

Blood Origin is just one part of an almost MCU-style universe that Netflix is trying to craft around The Witcher. The tentpole is the live-action series starring Henry Cavill, which just debuted its second season, but there are multiple spinoffs, including an anime prequel called Nightmare of the Wolf.

Meanwhile, 2022 is shaping up to be a great year for fans of Michelle Yeoh. In addition to wielding a sword in Blood Origin, she’s also tackling a multiverse of her own in the trippy-looking Everything Everywhere All At Once, which hits theaters next March.