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The Verge Merch Store is back!

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The Verge is turning 10, so celebrate with some new swag 

The Verge is celebrating its 10th birthday on November 1st, so we thought this would be the perfect occasion to relaunch our online merch store! Check out the store here. We partnered with DFTBA on some new products we’re really excited about — including a special edition Verge 10-year design by artist Richard Parry — as well as some classic favorites.

This is just the start for Verge merch, and we’re excited to work on even more all-new designs in the future. If there’s anything you think we should make, let us know in the comments.

Now, what are you waiting for? There’s an EMAILS shirt with your name on it. (Well, not literally. But let us know if embroidery is something you’re interested in.)

Special thanks:
Richard Parry, Will Joel, TC Sottek, Kaitlin Hatton, Lukas Phelan, Rachel Navarro, Sue Bohlen, Sarah Smithers, and Helen Havlak