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Lego’s new $800 AT-AT is practically big enough to conquer a real-life Rebel base

Lego’s new $800 AT-AT is practically big enough to conquer a real-life Rebel base


6,785 pieces and room for a 40-figure legion of Lego Stormtroopers

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Lego has announced its latest supersized Star Wars set: an $800, 6,785-piece replica of the iconic AT-AT tank, most famously seen assaulting the Rebel base on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back.

Unsurprisingly, the new set is part of the Lego Ultimate Collector Series lineup, which has offered ultra-accurate (and ultra-pricey) recreations of classic Star Wars ships and characters for years, like the recently released Republic Gunship or the adorable R2-D2.

And while Lego has released plenty of AT-AT sets before, none of them are anything close to as cool as the new one, which stands 24.5 inches high and measures 27 inches long, with posable legs and removable sides to show off the interiors.

The troop carrier is also fit to carry a (Lego-sized) Imperial legion, too: while the set only includes nine minifigures — General Veers, a Snowtrooper Commander, four Snowtroopers and two AT-AT Drivers, along with an attacking Luke Skywalker to dangle underneath — the set can fit a whopping 40 figures inside (assuming you’ve got the Stormtroopers to fill it with). The UCS AT-AT also has room for up to four speeder bikes (although sadly, only two are included) and a tripod gun for a complete Imperial attack force.

As part of the attention to detail here, the set also features “posable legs and head, opening hatches, cannons with a realistic recoil action, rotating cannons, bomb-drop hatch, and a hook to attach to Luke Skywalker’s line.”

That all said, while the gigantic AT-AT does indeed look great, it’s still not quite on the level of Lego’s magnum opus of Star Wars sets: the 2017 Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon, which (at least at the time) sold for the same eye-watering $800 price but had more pieces, more minifigures, and a far more iconic ship. The AT-AT just can’t quite compete with the galaxy’s fastest hunk of junk.

The new Lego UCS AT-AT set will be on sale on November 26th from Lego’s website — just in time for the holidays, assuming you can snag one. For now, we’ve dug up the highest-resolution photos we can find so you can blow them up and check out all that detail.