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The best Cyber Monday deals on smart home tech

The best Cyber Monday deals on smart home tech


Kit out your smart home on the cheap this holiday season

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Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

There is never a better time to dive into the smart home than Cyber Monday. Traditionally, tech deals on home gadgets are huge this time of year, plus, it’s the only time you’ll find real bargains on gear from some of the smaller companies, such as Eve, Level, and Nanoleaf.

Whether you’re thinking about dipping a toe into this home automation shindig with a smart speaker or maybe a connected door lock, or want to bolster an already impressive smart home setup, it’s worth investing some cash this holiday season.

Also, if you just want to upgrade your home cleaning routine or have a way to check in on Fido now that you’re back at work (the separation anxiety is real), this is a good time to get a great bargain on smart cameras, robot vacuums, and even a smart mop. Here’s our roundup of the best deals on smart home gear you can buy right now.

Looking for more deals? Be sure to check out our continuously updated roundup of all the best Cyber Monday deals happening now.

Eero’s mesh Wi-Fi products are 40 percent off right now.
Eero’s mesh Wi-Fi products are 40 percent off right now.
Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Mesh Wi-Fi router deals

The foundation of any smart home is good Wi-Fi, and if you’re looking to start out or are having trouble with connections in your home, a mesh Wi-Fi router is the way to go.

Google Nest Wifi

A Google Nest Wifi 3 pack comes with one router and two points and can cover a home of up to 5,400 square feet, and the points double as Nest smart speakers.

  • Google has discounted its Nest Wifi mesh networking system this week. Save $100 off a router and two points (now $249, regularly $349), both of which also double as Google Nest smart speakers. You can currently pick up these deals at Walmart, Best Buy and Google’s own store. Read our review of Google Nest Wifi.
Get your Wyze camera for almost nothing when you buy a Google Nest smart display.
Get your Wyze camera for almost nothing when you buy a Google Nest smart display.
Image: Wyze

Smart speakers and thermostat deals

  • Amazon’s stalwart Echo Dot smart speaker third-gen can be had at Amazon for just $20 right now with six months of Amazon Music thrown in (down from $40). That’s a great deal on a still good speaker to control your smart home.
  • The latest Echo Dot with a clock is $25 off, for $35 (down from $60), you can get 25 percent off with a trade-in, too. Or go clock-less and get the Echo Dot for $30, down from $50. Both of these great little smart speakers can come with a free smart bulb, too, if you choose.
  • The spherical Echo fourth-gen with the built-in Zigbee smart home hub (which Amazon has also committed to upgrading to Matter) is now also almost half off at Amazon, selling for $59.99 as opposed to $99.99. Read our Echo fourth-gen review.
The fourth-gen Echo smart speaker on a wooden desk

The newest spherical smart speaker from Amazon packs in powerful sounds with some serious smart home chops.

  • For an Alexa-powered smart display, the 2019 model Show 8 is a Verge favorite and is just $59.99, down from $109.99, at Amazon. The 2020 model Echo Show 8 is $89.99, down from $129.99.
  • A smart display that’s a great bedside companion thanks to its sleep-tracking, the Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen is on sale for $49.99, a savings of $50, at GoogleBest BuyWalmart, and Target.
  • If you’re thinking you might want to connect a security camera to your smart display, Wyze is offering its Wyze Cam v3 with a Google Nest Hub for $69.99 at Wyze, so you’re getting the $35 camera for just $10.
  • The gorgeous Nest Learning Smart Thermostat is $70 off at Best Buy and Amazon in four finishes and is a great option for smart climate control with a side of serious style. It’s also the only Nest thermostat you can buy directly that works with Amazon Alexa’s smart voice assistant.
The new Google Nest Cam with floodlight is $50 off.
The new Google Nest Cam with floodlight is $50 off.
Photo by Jennifer Tuohy / The Verge

Smart security camera and security system deals

  • While not quite a security system, the myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control allows you to ensure you closed the garage door even when you’re not home. It’s also the only garage door opener compatible with the Amazon Key service, allowing packages to be delivered into your garage for safer keeping. For Cyber Monday you can get the smart garage control system at Amazon for just $17 (saving you $13).

The mQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control comes with a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-equipped hub and sensor, allowing you to close or open your garage door with your smartphone from any location.

  • The cheapest Ring video doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell Wired, gets even cheaper with an $18 price cut to $41.99 at Amazon. Plus, you can get an Echo Dot smart speaker with it for free with this bundle. The Ring Wired uses existing doorbell wiring and works over 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.
  • For a battery-powered option, the new Blink video doorbell is just $34.99 at Amazon, a savings of $10, and it can also be wired if you prefer.
  • The tiny Blink Mini camera is selling for even less. Just $20 at Amazon right now, down from $34.99, this is the cheapest indoor smart security camera you can buy right now.
  • For outside surveillance, Google’s very good Nest Cam with floodlight is $50 off ($229.99 instead of $279.99) at Best Buy. You’ll want to make sure you can mount this on the side of your house first, as it has a rather awkward under-the-eave install. Read our review of this floodlight camera.
  • Speaking of Google, the older, hardwired Nest Doorbell is $80 off at GoogleWalmartBest Buy, and Target, dropping the price to $149. This is still one of the best smart doorbells, despite its age. A new model is coming in 2022, but this is a great price on a long-standing product from Google.
The Ecobee SmartCamera

Ecobee SmartCamera

$10030% off

Small but mighty, this indoor security camera can be a security camera or a baby monitor and thanks to a wide, 180-degree field of view, can pan and tilt to take in your entire room.

  • Abode’s great little Abode Cam 2, an indoor / outdoor camera that works with or without an Abode system, is $24.95 at Abode and Amazon. If you want to add a security system, too, Abode has an excellent bundle exclusively on its website for $299, a savings of $300. It includes the Abode Cam 2, the security gateway, a keypad, two door sensors, a motion sensor, a keyfob, and an Echo Show 5, with the option of professional monitoring.
  • Another smart security deal is the Ecobee SmartCamera with voice control for $69.99 (regularly $99.99). This versatile indoor camera works with Alexa, Google, and HomeKit. Pair it with Ecobee’s SmartSensors ($59.99 for two, $20 off) and Ecobee SmartThermostat (now $50 off at $199), and it can be a professionally or self-monitored home security system that automatically turns off when it sees someone it recognizes. Find the deals at, Amazon, and Best Buy through Wednesday, December 1st.
  • Ring is offering a slew of discounts on its excellent second-gen home security system, which is one of the few systems that integrates with a wide array of security cameras — including Ring’s video doorbells, indoor camera, and outdoor cameras (with or without spotlights and floodlights). You can get the basic five-piece kit for $80 off ($119 instead of $199) and the eight-piece for $100 off ($149.99 instead of $249.99) through November 29th at Ring and Amazon. Ring offers professional monitoring as well. The newer version, the Ring Alarm Pro that includes an Eero Wi-Fi router, local storage of video, and 24/7 LTE backup for your internet connection, costs $299.99 for an eight-piece kit though it isn’t part of Ring’s holiday sale.
The Level Lock smart lock in a door frame
Level’s line of invisible smart locks rarely goes on sale.
Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Smart locks and lighting deals

  • If you’re looking to upgrade your door lock, the Level Lock is a very good, usually very pricey solution. The Level Lock Touch Edition is currently on sale for $233 at Amazon, a savings of $96, which allows touch-to-open, access with a key card, as well as app, voice, and regular key control. If you don’t want the touch option, the regular Level Lock is down to $187 (from $249) at Amazon, and if you want to keep your existing lock, the Bolt that just replaces the inner workings of your deadbolt, is $149 at Amazon ($50 off). The deals are available at Best Buy and Level, though Amazon has the bette pricing. Read our review of the Level Lock and Bolt.
  • The rarely discounted Lutron Caséta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch Starter Kit is on sale at Best Buy and Amazon for $20 off, down to $79.99 from $99.99 for an in-wall switch and remote control, plus a Lutron hub.

Lutron Aurora

$4025% off

This Lutron Aurora dimmer works exclusively with Philips Hue lights and connects wirelessly to a Hue system to dim, turn on and off, and change scenes with a press. It’s installed on top of a regular toggle switch.


The original smart lighting company, Philips Hue still offers some of the best features and integrations for anyone looking to add some color to their home. This starter kit includes a Hue Bridge, three A19 bulbs and a wall-mountable dimmer switch for those who prefer physical controls.

  • One of the best Philips Hue deals today is the Light Strip starter kit, which is just $50 at Amazon right now. That is a savings of $60 off the regular price for an 80-inch LED strip that can add color-changing accent light to anywhere in your place.
  • Brilliant is offering a free Brilliant Dimmer Switch worth $69.99 when you buy one of its all-in-one light switch / smart home controllers at Amazon. The Brilliant switches may seem pricey for a light switch but double as whole-home controllers, letting you control compatible lighting, music, cameras, locks, and scenes right from the switch. The Brilliant switches come in one, two, three, or four gang setups starting at $399 and going up to $549, and the free, compatible Dimmer Switch adds smart lighting control to a circuit of lights.
The Roborock S7 vacuum and mop is seeing its first discounts this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
The Roborock S7 vacuum and mop is seeing its first discounts this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Image: Roborock

Smart robot vacuum deals

  • This first-time deal on Roborock’s flagship robot vacuum-and-mop-in-one is running through November 29th. The Roborock S7 is a mopping and vacuum hybrid robot that is smart enough to raise its mop when it meets carpet, so it can clean all your surfaces. The S7 is now $454.99 (regularly $649.99), a discount of $195, at Amazon. The Roborock S7+, the bot plus an auto-empty dock, is also on sale with a 30 percent discount of $229.49 taking it down to $719.99 (regularly $949.48) at Amazon. Be sure to check the coupon code to get the full discount.

This robot combo will vacuum, empty itself and then send its mopping buddy out to make your floors shine. The Roomba line also works with Alexa voice and app control.

  • The holiday season is the time to jump on whole-home automated cleaning, and iRobot’s robot vac Roomba i3 Plus with self-emptying base and a Braava Jet m6 mop bundle is a steal at $585 (regularly $850) at Best Buy. You can also pick up the Roomba i3 Plus with Clean Base on its own for $399, regularly $599.
  • If you’ve steered clear of robot vacuums because you don’t want to tidy up every time you run one (the cable clutter struggle is real) or empty the tiny bin — ever — Samsung’s Jet Bot AI Plus with Self Empty Clean Station is now $999.99, down from $1,299. Its AI does a good job of avoiding anything you place in its path and you can grab this deal at through December 1st.

Correction, November 23rd 12:16PM: The Samsung Jet Bot AI Plus is selling for $999.99, not $99.99 as an earlier version of this article stated. We regret the error.