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The Verge guide to working from home

How to work from home productively and comfortably

Working from home is normal now. For some of us, it has become a permanent change.

Thankfully, in these days of videoconferencing, texting, and file-sharing, it has been possible for many of us to move to home desks and offices and thrive that way. It helps that remote working was already a part of many people’s lives before COVID-19 appeared. But that doesn’t mean it’s been easy. It’s been an adjustment for many of us here at The Verge, too.

Now we’re taking the tech expertise of our staff, and the experience of our writers and editors, to put together our best tips and advice on working from home. For example, we give advice on looking for the best monitor, choosing a business-level file-sharing service, and buying a printer. (Yes, you might actually want a printer again!)

Videoconferencing has become the best way to have face-to-face meetings, but what are the best conferencing apps? How do you keep your Zoom meetings private? And how can you look your best while on camera? We’ll tell you.

We also look at ways you can make your home a more pleasant place to work, and share some of the devices our staffers are using to make remote working better.

We’ll be adding new articles every day on these topics in order to bring you as much information on working at home as possible. Stay tuned — and stay safe!

Illustration by Samar Haddad