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Creative Makers Week

Reimagining culture with a DIY ethos

The DIY ethos can be applied to just about anything. Doing it yourself could mean creating the perfect tool for designing more personal video games, or communing with nature to make strange new music. Or maybe it means handcrafting a terrifyingly realistic doll that looks like a vampire baby. This collection of stories seeks to explore the myriad ways that people are using that DIY mentality to make the world a little more interesting — and a lot weirder.

Illustration by Kristen Radtke / The Verge

Colors of Climate

Twitch star Xmiramira is fighting against lackluster Black skin in The Sims

Real Deal: Creators are making their own IRL Inscryption cards

Handmade monster babies and the people who love them

Tin Man: photography using an old-fashioned tintype process

Bitsy is the small video game engine with a big community

The patchwork groups sharing gender-affirming underwear patterns