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The Verge’s Guide to working from home

Stories and advice on settling into remote work

It would be an interesting experiment to go back in time three or four years and inform your earlier self that — guess what? — you’re probably going to be working from home soon, and there’s a good chance that it may be a permanent change.

Since the pandemic lockdowns of early 2020, many people have remained working from home. In the time since then, people have moved out of commuting distance from their offices or have not yet decided it was comfortable to return to a crowded office — or simply decided they liked working from home. And many businesses have changed their policies to accommodate their employees.

But working from home, especially on a regular basis, means accommodating the needs of your workday. In this guide, we look at the various issues that have arisen as people settle into these circumstances. This can include dealing with family (and especially kids), avoiding distractions and Wi-Fi disasters, how the shift to working from home has changed America’s energy usage, how to look your best for that inevitable video conference, and which video conferencing app to use.

In other words, we’ve put together a group of articles to help you make working from home the best experience possible.

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