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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s new trailer shows trainer school and pokécycles

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s new trailer shows trainer school and pokécycles


Fidough is now my new favorite pokémon

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This morning, the Pokémon Company put out a new Pokémon showcase providing updates on the various Pokémon apps and games. The 19-minute video revealed all the fun things being added to games like Pokémon Go and Pokémon Unite as well as a new trailer for the next entries in the Pokémon series, Scarlet and Violet.

Before getting to the juicy bits concerning Scarlet and Violet, The Pokémon Company shared updates for its mobile and MOBA titles. Pokémon Unite will be getting a new game mode — Pika Party — in which all ‘mon on the field are Pikachus, and Mewtwo will be making an appearance in Pokemon Café. There were also updates on Pokémon Go Fest with the finale taking place August 27th featuring the Ultra Beasts.

A new trailer for Scarlet and Violet closed out the Pokémon event, filling in a bit more information on what to expect in the two new titles.

In Scarlet and Violet, trainers will get to explore the open world of the Paldea region, which seems to have Spanish or Portuguese influences. Players will enroll in a kind of Pokémon University, the Naranja or Uva Academy. There, students will embark on a treasure hunt, sending them out into the world to find and fight all kinds of new pokémon, including a little bagel dog called Fidough who is now my favorite pokémon ever.

Image of new Pokémon Fidough which is a little Pomeranian-type dog made of pastry dough
Image: Nintendo

Like in previous Pokémon games, players will embark on a quest to become a Pokémon champion, taking on various gym leaders. However, because of the new open-world aspect of Scarlet and Violet, players are free to take on gyms in any order they chose.

To help traverse the open world, students will get help from the game’s legendary pokémon, Koraidon and Miraidon. Instead of a bike, bird, or fish, Koraidon and Miraidon will provide all your transportation needs, transforming to fit the terrain.

Replacing the Dynamax mechanic of Sword and Shield is the Terastal phenomenon by which pokémon are transformed into giant crystalized creatures. Any pokémon can be Terastallized, granting them special moves and enhanced powers that last until the end of battle.

Terastal Pikachu.
Terastal Pikachu.
Image: Nintendo

Fans have guessed that Scarlet and Violet might have some kind of time travel component since that was the main plot conceit of Pokémon Legends: Arceus and because the game’s two professors seem to be clothed for different eras. Professor Sada has wilder, more primitive looking attire while Professor Turo has a sleek, futuristic look. The presentation did not confirm any of these details, so we’re left to wait until Scarlet and Violet launch on the Switch on November 18th.