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Listen to our podcast about our website redesign

Listen to our podcast about our website redesign


The Vergecast discuss the ideas behind our new look

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The Verge’s redesigned website integrated in the Vergecast album art
The Verge

Every Wednesday and Friday, The Verge publishes our flagship podcast, The Vergecast, where our editors make sense of the week’s most important technology news. On Wednesdays, editor-at-large David Pierce leads a selection of The Verge’s expert staffers in an exploration of how gadgets and software affect our lives — and which ones you should bring into your home.

You may have noticed The Verge looks different: new colors, new typefaces, new layouts. This new version was two years in the making, and now we can finally talk about it. On today’s Vergecast, David chats with editor-in-chief Nilay Patel all about the ideas behind the redesign, including the Storystream news feed, embedding a whole bunch of stuff right on the homepage, and Nilay’s mission to revolutionize the media with blog posts.

David also chats with some folks who worked on the site redesign — senior product manager Tara Kalmanson and senior engineer Matt Crider — about what went into implementing The Verge’s ideas, as well as the constraints they had to deal with, the risk of embed codes, and the balance between design, speed, and content.

You can listen to the full discussion here or in your preferred podcast player.

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